From a Park lover

A lot of times my mom and dad don’t have the money to take me to someplace special like Disneyland or some place like that so they say, “Let’s go to the park today!” They think I don’t know why they’re doing it and I don’t tell them because, really, I like going to the…

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A Safe Place To Play

Parks make my life better because it gives my children a safe place to play. Playing at the park gives my children an area open to run, exercise, and meet new friends. Sometimes lifelong playmates can be made by meeting at the park. On a nice day we as a family can call our friends…

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A Poem for Parks

Games of tag and hide and seek Birthday parties, hunting eggs Football practice and soccer too There are always lots of things to do. Parks are the best place to run and play, Fun with friends on a sunny day. Lay on the grass and watch the clouds as they form into different shapes. See…

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